Timber Decks & Verandahs

Timber Decks and Verandahs are extremely important for Queensland living.

If you have a Timber Deck or Verandah it is a great place for entertaining and extending your living area.

We often use this area throughout most of the year, since our weather is very suitable, for being outdoors.

Regular care and maintenance is required to extend the life of your Timber Decks and Verandahs.

Our Timber Deck and Verandah Flooring Services


Install Timber Deck & Verandah Flooring


Repair Timber Deck & Verandah Flooring


Sand Timber Deck & Verandah Flooring


Polish Timber Deck & Verandah Flooring

This timber Deck, has been repaired, cleaned and sanded, then have applied the Integrain UltraDeck water based oil.

This water based oil is extremely long lasting and perfect to guard your timber deck against Australia’s harsh conditions.

EC Floor Sanding and Polishing only uses premium quality Timber Floor Finishes for your Deck and Verandah Timber Floors to suit your requirements.

After 24 years of Floor Sanding and Polishing, there are have been many changes of available products and we only use the tried and tested highest quality products, that continue to produce beautiful deck and verandah timber floors.

With all of our Timber Deck Sanding and Polishing – we have found that the Integrain UltraDeck, waterbased decking Oil is of excellent and long lasting quality.

Timber Decks & Verandahs – Finishes

UltraDeck – Integrain

High Performance, Water Based Decking Oil

Intergrain UltraDeck is an extremely long lasting, water based oil for decking and exterior timber.

UltraDeck contains unique Hydroguard technology to guard timber against Australia’s harsh conditions as well as the abrasive effects of foot traffic. The natural looking finish resists stain absorption and dirt and dust adhesion, helping timber stay clean. The result is timber that stays protected and looking fresh for significantly longer than traditional decking oils.

Note: As a transparent oil, the final appearance of UltraDeck is affected by many factors, including the timber species and unique characteristics of timber within the species.

Integrain UltraDeck Colour Options

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